SL Geek Store Seller Hub

Thanks for visiting SL Geek Store Seller Hub. After years, Finally now you can sell on SLGS.

How it Works ?

  1. You can simply register as a seller from here. Make sure to select vendor registration. After registering you can log in to dashboard.
  2. First thing is, you need to add products. You need to add some info about the product including title, price, description, picture etc.
  3. Then once you submit, it will go for review. While reviewing, you can go to edit product section and you can set long descriptions, tags, sku and stock quantity. (To set stock quantity, you need to tick enable product stock management).
  4. Once you ready, You can save the product. It will be reviewed by SL Geek Store team and if everything is fine, they will approve it within 1-12 hours.
  5. Once published, it will be available on website and anyone can purchase.